Hiding behind your screen

Posting meme after meme.

Quick-witted and overly friendly

Frequently judging one too many.


Wanting to be liked and pretending to not to care,

But getting upset when receiving a glare.

A gossiper extraordinaire

Who enjoys making fun of what people wear.


Ruffled because the news wasn’t heard first,

No congratulations or well-wishes but a self-centered outburst.

Contributing to drama to increase the tension

Because of your craving to be the center of attention.


We see through your camouflage

Even with protection from the entourage.

You’re materialistic, self-absorbed, and insecure.

Seeing through your mask will occur.


We see your fear of looking inside

Because it’s uncomfortable and you’d rather hide.

You’re afraid of what you might find

And those around you will no longer be blind.














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About A. Mac

Nerdy, liberal, loving, strong, submissive, writer, philosopher, reader, insatiable, funny, blunt, martial artist, control freak, life-long learner, spiritual, health-conscious, lover, technology geek, dreamer, thinker, and lover of simple pleasures. I travel on a different path and I am usually comfortable with who I am. The journey I have chosen for myself may not be an easy one, but I know it is the one for me.