What do a refrigerator, bookshelf, and record shelf have in common? A) Things over 5′ that need dusting. B) Things Kitana can climb and leap from. C) Objects utilized in a new form of excercise for humans who take a mental health day. D) Objects used to wear out a kitten and her human. E) […]

It all started with a friend posting kitten pictures on her Facebook page.  The pictures reminded me of my cat who passed away three years ago.  After a month of discussions with my significant other regarding the the pros and cons of adding a kitten to our life, we reached an agreement and the little […]

Do you remember the TV show Home Improvement?   The main character, Tim Taylor played by Tim Allen,  was an accident-prone handyman who’s home improvement projects sometimes had disastrous results.  Well, I am the Tim Taylor of fixing things with Gorilla Glue.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a documented history of my misadventures with the evil […]

Hiding behind your screen Posting meme after meme. Quick-witted and overly friendly Frequently judging one too many.   Wanting to be liked and pretending to not to care, But getting upset when receiving a glare. A gossiper extraordinaire Who enjoys making fun of what people wear.   Ruffled because the news wasn’t heard first, No […]

  Person A did x with Person B.  Person B isn’t happy about x and vents her frustration to Person C.  The venting evolves into gossip between B & C then persons D & E join the “conversation.”  A has no clue that B was ticked off about something.  B feels “better” because she confided […]

When I was in elementary school, my father’s profession led us to living in several locations every 12-18 months which meant I enrolled in new school in a new city, state, or country every school year through 5th grade.  I am used to being the “new kid.”   In every school, there was always a group of people […]