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Hiding behind your screen Posting meme after meme. Quick-witted and overly friendly Frequently judging one too many.   Wanting to be liked and pretending to not to care, But getting upset when receiving a glare. A gossiper extraordinaire Who enjoys making fun of what people wear.   Ruffled because the news wasn’t heard first, No […]

  Person A did x with Person B.  Person B isn’t happy about x and vents her frustration to Person C.  The venting evolves into gossip between B & C then persons D & E join the “conversation.”  A has no clue that B was ticked off about something.  B feels “better” because she confided […]

When I was in elementary school, my father’s profession led us to living in several locations every 12-18 months which meant I enrolled in new school in a new city, state, or country every school year through 5th grade.  I am used to being the “new kid.”   In every school, there was always a group of people […]

Springtime is wonderful time of year.  Trees begin to turn green, flowers bloom, the temperature gradually increases, and the anticipation of summer fun  makes us playful and energetic.  I love the external side of spring but dread the internal side.  It’s the side no one sees until my former BFFs, Anxiety and Depression pay a […]

I have been involved in martial arts off and on since 1997. I’ve had to take a few breaks over the years to take care of family, finish graduate school, relocate, heal from illness and injuries, etc…, but no matter what temporarily blocked my path, my martial art was something I could consistently count on […]

Being a therapist in a school has its perks such as having 12 weeks off in a calendar year and creating your own appointment schedule; however, office space is limited in schools and many administrators and educators have no idea what therapists do.  My high school office is located in the same hallway as JROTC, […]

I like living a few hours away from my family.  I love and occasionally miss them, but I definitely don’t want to live near them. They     drive      me     nuts. In December, I drove home to keep my father company while my step-mother was to have surgery to remove what was left of a malignant lump […]