I have a tendency to overfill my plate and then wonder why everything I piled on it falls to the floor and creates stress. How does one run an alternative lifestyle organization, maintain a full-time job, and continue to grow a power exchange dynamic with their significant other without robbing Peter to pay Paul?

What sacrifices do you make for the sake of balance?

I miss martial arts. I haven’t trained in the last 6-8 months due to my work schedule and leadership responsibilities within my community.

Where do we draw the line?

A woman I highly respect helped me write my personal mission statement preceded by the following advice:

“Write your mission statement on the first page in a notebook. On the back of the first page, write ‘Things For Myself’ and at the top of the second page, write ‘Things I Do For Others’. You can do as many things as you want for yourself and others but once you reach the end of the page, you’re done for the day. Each page is a new day.”

This strategy has been helpful but I often forget to write it down and then the cycle of plate filling begins until it all falls to the floor.

I would love to hear what you do to balance your life.

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